Tips on How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

Parents especially mothers will feel awkward or even afraid if they have to take care of the baby who has just been born, especially the baby is the first child.

Carefulness and caution are needed for mothers to care for babies who have just been born. Good time bathing, carrying, and breastfeeding the baby.

You as a mother must know about the correct way to deal with the problem above.

The following is a review of how to properly and properly bathe, hold, and breastfeed the baby who has just been born.


  • Mothers are advised to wash their hands before bathing the baby.
  • Prepare warm water into a special bath for babies. The temperature range of warm water is 36-37 degrees Celsius.
  • Prepare all toiletries near the tub.
  • Also prepare clothes for babies who want to change, put them in bed.
  • Place the baby on a towel, or better on a plastic bag / cloth.
  • Take off clothes, diapers and so on.
  • Clean the baby’s genitals first using wet tissue.
  • Wet the washcloth with warm water that has been prepared, then clean the baby’s face first. Then proceed to the body and the whole body.
  • Wet the washcloth again, then pour the shampoo or baby bath soap into the washcloth. Wipe evenly throughout the body.
  • Then enter the baby into the bath, rinse the foam attached to the baby.
  • Lift the baby, put it on a dry and clean towel.
  • Give telon oil throughout the body if the baby looks cold. And for the curve of the body in the baby, apply baby cream.
  • Wear clean clothes, diapers, swaddles rather loosely, then comb the baby using a special baby comb.
  • After all is finished, the mother will wash her hands again before bending the baby.


  • Bend the mother’s body towards the lying baby. Then tuck one mother’s hand on the baby’s lower neck to support it. While the other hand is tucked under the baby’s body, it aims to lift the baby.
  • Gently lift the baby towards the chest. Then put the baby’s head, neck and back on the elbow folds of the left hand or right hand. While one hand supports the baby’s buttocks and legs.
  • You can also hold the baby upright with the baby’s head above the shoulder and facing back. Rest your baby’s chest on the mother’s chest. Use one hand to support the neck, while the other hand supports the buttocks.
  • For babies over 1 month can be carried with the position of the baby half sitting. One hand supports the back and neck, while one is placed above the baby’s chest.


  • Before breastfeeding, remove the milk first. Apply to mother’s nipples. This serves to disinfect and maintain nipple moisture.
  • Babies are placed facing the abdomen / breast.
  • Mother or lying relaxed (feet should not hang if in a sitting position).
  • The baby is held with one arm, the baby’s head is located in the mother’s elbow and the baby’s butt is held with the mother’s finger.
  • One baby’s hand is lying on the front of the mother’s body, and the other one is placed on the back of the mother’s body.
  • The baby’s stomach attaches to the mother’s body, the baby’s head attaches to the breast.
  • The mother should look at the baby with love.
  • The breasts are held with the thumb, and the other finger supports the breast from below.
  • Babies are given stimulation to open their mouths. Can put nipples near the baby’s mouth, or can also use fingers.
  • After the mouth is open, the baby’s head is quickly placed close to the mother’s breast. Immediately the nipples and areola are inserted into the baby’s mouth.
  • The part of the areola enters part of the baby’s mouth, so that the nipple is under the ceiling and the baby’s tongue will press the milk out.
  • After the baby starts sucking, the mother’s breast does not need to be held again. What needs to be considered is that breast milk does not enter the baby’s nose.

Thus a brief description of good and correct procedures for caring for a newborn baby. Hopefully it will be useful for you, and hopefully your baby will grow into a healthy child.