How to Treat Diarrhea in Infants

Diarrhea in infants can make parents anxious and worried. This is natural, because diarrhea that occurs in infants can have fatal consequences if not addressed immediately.

But parents should not be too panicked too much, there are several alternative treatments that you can do to treat diarrhea in infants.

But keep in mind, it’s good for babies under 1 year to immediately bring a doctor for further treatment.

The following are simple treatments to treat diarrhea in infants aged 1 year and above, including:

Give More Liquid

Breast milk is the best liquid for treating baby diarrhea. So for that, feed your baby regularly.

Give ORS

Make ORS by mixing water, salt and sugar. This aims to replace the salt content in the baby’s body that is lost due to diarrhea.

Give food that is easy to digest

Feed babies with foods that are soft and easy to digest, such as soft rice like porridge and also give bananas. Avoid foods that contain high fiber such as nuts, because it is difficult to digest.

Baby’s Gum Massage

The cause of diarrhea can also come from wanting to grow teeth in children. Give a gentle massage to the baby’s gums, but your hands must be clean.

Give Enough Water

Regularly give warm water. This is useful for reducing or relieving abdominal pain due to diarrhea.

These are some simple ways you can try to treat diarrhea in infants. But you should take it to a doctor if your baby does not get well soon. May be useful