Mosquito Nets Are Very Good For Health

To avoid the body from insect bites or mosquitoes in modern times such as today the majority of people use practical methods to counteract it such as using chemical repellents. This is actually not good for health, especially for the little one whose endurance is still vulnerable. Not good for our families who have a history of allergies.

Moreover, the rainy season as now, concerns about the threat of dengue continue to lurk. the thing to do is respond to cleanliness such as removing cans or objects that are flooded with water. This is done to avoid mosquito larvae, especially the mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti nesting species will be destroyed. Cleaning the water reservoir is also important.

But some people are lazy to do all of them for certain reasons and consider all things trivial. Even if the mosquito has bitten it will have fatal consequences on our body. A simple safe way and the best is to install mosquito nets in our room. This method may be a little old-fashioned but the benefits are extraordinary, especially for your little one at bedtime. This object is actually no stranger to society, it’s just that its use has begun to be abandoned because it is considered impractical.

Though thin net-like fabrics that are smooth and translucent textures are very effective against mosquito attacks. Another feature of mosquito nets is that they are environmentally friendly where mosquito nets leave no waste because they can be used for years.

Maybe mosquito nets were considered troublesome, because they had to be tied up on the bed and eventually became a nest of dust after days hanging in the room, but as time went by the mosquito nets were already modern, namely mosquito nets that had their own support frames. And if proper installation of modern mosquito nets not only prevents mosquitoes but also can prevent other insects such as cockroaches, flies, ants and other insects.

That’s the review of mosquito nets that can replace mosquito repellents that are safe for health. May we always be healthy.