How to Know the Wife’s Loyalty

As a husband, of course he wants a wife who is solekhah (including being faithful in it, because his wife is definitely loyal). Nowadays, in the modern era today not only men are fond of cheating, there have been many proven women can also cheat. You don’t want this as a husband, right?

Actually you do not need to test it, because as a husband you have to believe it. But if you keep trying to test your wife’s loyalty, you do not need to ask others to watch over it. You also do not have to ask your wife about it, because it will make her feel less trusted. Then how? There are several ways to find out, among other things:

  • Not Honest
    Cheating is a lie, so consider whether your wife is honest or not. What he said must be based on evidence and facts. If your wife is dishonest, it is your responsibility to direct her not to become a habit of his wife. Whatever the reason, honestly must be above everything. If your wife is a woman who likes to lie, then you have to be more careful so she doesn’t lie too about her feelings.
  • Not Open
    It is better to be open even if you are sick, than your wife is not open about something (and you know it from others). Notice whether your wife wants to be open about everything, and you have to listen to whatever your wife wants to tell (even though that sounds not important to you). If you don’t pay attention to what your wife is telling you, don’t be sorry if she tells another guy. That’s the beginning of an affair.
  • Rarely Want to Serve Husband
    Another sign of whether your wife is unfaithful is to refuse when invited to make love (unless sick or tired). The wife’s passion will decrease for a long time to the husband if he has PIL (another ideal man). But if he is still serving you in love, and sometimes he is inviting, then there is nothing else you need to worry about.
  • Often Going Without Compassion
    You need to give a little leeway to your wife to do activities with her female friends. If you forbid too much, it is not impossible that he will secretly and not leave. But leeway here does not mean leaving all of his activities, there is still his nature.
  • Check with your appearance
    Try using unusual clothes or pants, or get out of your grip. Pay attention to whether he commented on it or just ignored it. A good wife will do the best for her husband’s honor, so if you wear inappropriate clothes she should reprimand. If he’s ignorant, then that means he’s no longer paying attention.
  • Not Giving News When Far Away
    There are times when you are separated temporarily, whether it’s work or other business that requires you to be separated. Now does he ask you, or remind you to maintain health or not. If he doesn’t care about you at all, try you who started to ask how he is (for today), try tomorrow let him contact you. If he still doesn’t care, there is a possibility that he will start changing his friendship towards you.

That’s some way to find out the loyalty of a wife, but you have to remember that all of that must have evidence and don’t just play accusations (if you don’t want your household to fall apart). Look for the truth first, then think about the next step. Hopefully it will benefit you and hopefully your household will always get along well and harmoniously until the end of your life.