Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is processed by allowing the tea leaves to brown through a perfect oxidation process so as to produce a distinctive taste and color. This is clearly different from green tea, which in the process does not pass through until the leaf color changes. Green tea is processed immediately after the leaves are picked. However, both types of tea have almost the same content and benefits. Then what are the benefits of black tea for health?

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Researchers at Universty College London found that black tea can help reduce stress hormone cortisollevels circulating in the blood. People who consume black tea relieve stress more quickly than people who don’t drink it.

In the study, 75 young men were regularly divided into 2 groups and monitored for 6 weeks. They all got regular tea, coffee and caffeinated drinks. One group was given a caffeinated tea mixture with fruit flavor equal to 1 cup of black tea, while the other group was given a caffeinated placebo that tasted the same but without the active ingredient of tea. Both groups were given the same difficult task, while experts measured cortisol, blood pressure, and self-stress assessment. In one assignment, the volunteers were exposed to one of three difficult situations: the threat of layoffs, the charge of stealing in a shop, or a case in a nursing home. They must prepare a verbal response and debate their case in front of the camera.

Some of the tasks given triggered an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and subjective stress assessment in both groups. But after 50 minutes cortisol levels fell by an average of 47% in the tea drinking group. In the second group who did not consume tea, the decline only reached 27%. Blood platelet activation associated with blood clots and the risk of heart attack, is also lower in tea drinkers.

According to Professor Andrew Steptoe, drinking tea has traditionally been associated with benefits to relieve stress, and many people believe that drinking tea helps them relax after a day of activity.

But experts who revealed this were still very few, experts have not found exactly what ingredients in tea that bring this benefit. According to Prof Steptoe, the tea ingredients are very complex. Tea contains catechins, polyphenols, flavonoids, and several amino acids which are all found to be able to affect neurotransmitters in the brain. But studies have shown, drinking tea can accelerate recovery from stress in everyday life. This can be used as a reference to routinely drink black tea which is useful as a stress reliever. Read also

Although it is not possible to lower the stress actually, it seems that tea has greater efficacy in reducing hormone stress levels back to normal. That’s the benefits of black tea, good luck for you.