Good Communication Strengthens the Relationship of Parents and Children

Communication, in everyday life is very important to express the will, suggestion, or commandment to other people or people who are nearby. Whether it’s to family or other people. Correct communication will foster familiarity between us but vice versa if wrong communication will have a bad impact.

Poor or inappropriate communication is not good for relationships between parents and children. This often happens in our society because most parents do not understand the correct communication with their children. Especially if the child is less than 12 years old. This child will usually obey his own will and do not want to obey the orders of his parents. If this communication is not immediately corrected, the relationship between parents and children worsens. Communication that children don’t like is usually communication in the form of orders.

Of course, as parents, they will feel annoyed if their children do not want to obey their orders or hopes. The only way is to explain to the child why the choice is considered to be unpleasant, explain the consequences of ignoring the choice, what are the benefits for the child, and negotiate if the child feels that he has his own reasons for not meeting the expectations of the parents.

It is important for parents to reduce the ego and try to establish communication that does not force and does not hurt the child. Otherwise the situation will become increasingly difficult and even quarrels may not be avoided. When children feel that they are not being listened to, children tend to be defensive and take a stand opposite their parents. For the next he will stay away and close himself. Such conditions are far more difficult to repair than if parents are willing to communicate equally with children, put aside their egos, and appreciate what the child is saying.

Well, that’s the bad impact that occurs if communication between parents and children is not good. Keep in mind for parents that the original goal, which is to give the best for the child and it will not be achieved if the parent hurts the child with improper communication.