How To Makeup To Look Younger

Women aged 30 years and above will mostly do various ways to cover their faces and appearance so that they appear younger than their age. But if it is done incorrectly, it will create new problems. One thing you can do is to use the right makeup so that you look younger.

Below are ways to make the right makeup so you look a little younger than your age:

  • Choose colors that match your real skin. This color choice will make the skin wrinkle faint, so it will look younger. Even with that color, your teeth will look whiter and your eyes will look brighter. The result is your face will be younger as if you have done a face lift.
  • If the eyelid area appears wrinkled, avoid eye shadow containing frosted paerticles. This eye shadow will actually emphasize the lines on your eyelids.
  • Avoid the orange lip gloss and blue eye shadow that you like when you are a teenager, because this is not suitable for your age.
  • For black hair, the natural silver color of gray hair should look shiny. If you want to cover gray hair, avoid paint that is very dark in color. Your hair color will actually reinforce your wrinkles, just choose highlighting or soft colors.
  • Choose a haircut that is more up to date that fits the shape of your face, neck and body. Age increase does not mean you can only choose short hairstyles.
  • Wear a dress that shows you women today, do not miss the young ones. With the right fashion will make you look younger and today.
  • Choose the length of your skirt, the skirt that is mid-calf length looks outdated and less attractive. Choose a long skirt just above or below the knee, or if you don’t wear a long skirt at all.
  • Avoid old-fashioned shoes or grandma’s. Currently there are many fashionable shoe models that you are comfortable wearing. This will make you feel more youthful.
  • Not only the appearance makes you look old, but also attitude. Be flexible, don’t be rigid. Stiffness will make you look old.

That’s how the right way to look younger, hopefully the article is useful to add to your insight.