Benefits of Pure Coconut Water

Apart from being natural, coconut water has many health benefits, one of which is to help you lose weight. In addition, pure coconut water also has benefits as a substitute for lost body fluids and has nutrients that are very good for the body, and not high in calories.

About 1 cup of pure coconut water has about 46 calories, while coconut milk has 550 calories. Coconut water also contains no fat and most of the content of pure coconut water is natural sugar and minerals, rich in magnesium, potassium, and has a high fiber content.

Below are some of the benefits contained in pure coconut water:

  • Helps Reduce Body Weight The
    content and composition of electrolytes that are very similar to human body fluids can be useful as a thirst remover. Drink pure coconut water when thirst attacks you, it can provide a feeling of fullness that is durable and pure coconut water can reduce the desire to consume sweet foods.This process will automatically reduce the portion of your meal, so that calorie consumption decreases. In addition, drinking pure coconut water can help get rid of toxins so that you can lose weight faster and reduce hunger.
  • Changing Body Fluids When Sports
    Coconut water is known as a natural drink that is good for consumption during exercise. This drink will be better taken during light exercise. About 1 cup of coconut water replaces more than 10% potassium electrolytes from the daily low dose through sweat during exercise.But this benefit will decrease when you sweat enough or after doing strenuous exercise, because when you sweat a lot, your body loses 10 times more sodium than sodium. While coconut water only contains about 30 mg of sodium per glass. More information
  • Free of cholesterol and low sugar
    Besides low calories, coconut water is also cholesterol free. Besides that, the potassium which contains more than 4 bananas. This minumn also has a sweet taste image, containing carbohydrates that are easily digested in the form of sugar and electrolytes.Coconut water has less sugar than some types of sports drinks and contains far less sugar than soda. So that this drink is very safe for consumption by both adults and children.

But keep in mind that do not consume this pure coconut water excessively because it will make calories increase very quickly. Drink naturally, don’t overdo it. Hopefully useful for you.