Types of causes of obesity that must be avoided

Obesity is one of the many health problems experienced by modern society. Obesity occurs because of the buildup of fat in the body. Many factors that cause obesity include:

A diet with unbalanced nutrition. Without realizing it, modern society tends to consume more calories than needed. Every day excess calories will be deposited and become fat tissue. In addition to excess fat carbohydrates are also as bad as fat.

Inactivity such as the ease of life provided by the presence of modern technologies such as motor vehicles, computers, cellphones, internet, elevators, washing machines and remote control. It all makes us less active because there is less room for our physical movement. Even though we know that physical activity, especially walking, is one of the body’s natural functions that can prevent obesity. It is very difficult to avoid the presence of modern technology. But in order for a balanced life we ​​must be smart to use these technologies to make it easier for us to do sports, for example, treadmills, static bikes and aerobic gymnastics.

Conditions of lack of rest can cause ghrelin levels to increase. High hormones will increase appetite. Some people need a rest period of around 7-8 hours a day.

Pregnancy is one reason women are overweight. But this time obesity is indeed demanded so that the fetus can develop healthily. After giving birth if the body does not get special treatment, it will become overweight.

The cause of obesity that cannot be tackled is genetic factors. People who already have fat talents even though they eat a little remain just can’t be thin.

Habits from childhood to eat a lot by parents can bring a tendency when adults are overweight.

If the excess weight that is thought of in most people’s minds is how to reduce it instantly. Even though we know that there is no instant safe way to overcome obesity. The most recommended way to reduce weight is a combination of a healthy diet with a regular exercise program. Even though it’s not ideal to drop but just down a few kilograms, it can provide a lot of health benefits.

Hopefully we avoid obesity and always be healthy.