How to Treat Diarrhea in Infants

Diarrhea in infants can make parents anxious and worried. This is natural, because diarrhea that occurs in infants can have fatal consequences if not addressed immediately.

But parents should not be too panicked too much, there are several alternative treatments that you can do to treat diarrhea in infants.

But keep in mind, it’s good for babies under 1 year to immediately bring a doctor for further treatment.

The following are simple treatments to treat diarrhea in infants aged 1 year and above, including:

Give More Liquid

Breast milk is the best liquid for treating baby diarrhea. So for that, feed your baby regularly.

Give ORS

Make ORS by mixing water, salt and sugar. This aims to replace the salt content in the baby’s body that is lost due to diarrhea.

Give food that is easy to digest

Feed babies with foods that are soft and easy to digest, such as soft rice like porridge and also give bananas. Avoid foods that contain high fiber such as nuts, because it is difficult to digest.

Baby’s Gum Massage

The cause of diarrhea can also come from wanting to grow teeth in children. Give a gentle massage to the baby’s gums, but your hands must be clean.

Give Enough Water

Regularly give warm water. This is useful for reducing or relieving abdominal pain due to diarrhea.

These are some simple ways you can try to treat diarrhea in infants. But you should take it to a doctor if your baby does not get well soon. May be useful…

Some Tips for Choosing Schools for Children

Ahead of the new teachings many parents are busy with finding schools for their children. Not a few parents feel confused because so many school choices as an illustration. It is a matter of pride for parents if their children can go to school in a school that has good quality standards, even though in fact all schools basically have the same goal just how to convey it differently.

The following tips for choosing a school for children:

Looking for information about schools

This is the first step to determine the choice of school that is most suitable for the child’s condition. Parents should find as much information as possible about various types of schools, whether they are in a home environment or an affordable location. Make a list of schools that you want to survey.


After getting enough information about the school. The next step is to visit the school. This is done to look closely at how the actual school conditions such as the atmosphere, facilities and infrastructure, learning methods, facilities provided, class conditions. In addition, also consider how the school manages the infrastructure such as safety, maintenance and cleanliness. For preschoolers and kindergarten, pay attention to the game tools in the class. This is very important because these children learn while playing which is believed to be the most preferred and effective method for children.

Pay attention to costs

This is very important to note. Especially for private schools. Generally there are various contributions such as building construction, monthly tuition fees, uniform fees, books, extracurricular activities, and other activities outside the school building.

Pay attention to distance

Pay attention to the distance from home and school. The farther the distance, of course you need consideration of time, energy, even costs / costs to reach school. If a long distance school is the right choice, it would be good to find an alternative road so that the child is not too late to go to school.

Invite children to visit the school that will be in place

Pay attention to the child’s reaction to the school. If the child feels comfortable and the parents feel calm leaving him at the school, chances are the school is chosen. Do not determine school choices for children because of prestige. The child’s comfort factor is more important. Children who are comfortable in their school will more easily actualize their abilities.

Those are tips for choosing a school for children. May be useful.…

A Safe Way to Overcome Obesity in Children

Figures for obesity in children in Indonesia recorded 2x higher than children who are malnourished. This is largely due to a mistake in parenting parents. Many parents who have assumed that since the child was still a baby, the fatter the child the more funny. Stepping on a child grows up with other errors often associated with eating habits.

Increasing economic growth also influences lifestyle. Consumption patterns tend to be unbalanced. Consume lots of carbohydrates, fatty foods and sugar-rich foods. Narrow playing fields, television, internet and gadged make children reluctant to exercise, which also causes children to become obese.

Fat children on average are experienced by children whose parents are busy and children eat lots of instant and sweet foods. Anxiety parents with obese children cause parents to do various ways so that their children grow ideal. The wrong way can make a child become stressed.

Here’s a safe way to overcome overweight children (obesity in children):

  1. Familiarize children before leaving school for breakfast and bring provisions to eat at school. This is to avoid snacking in school and having enough energy because children feel full. In addition, by bringing nutritional provisions children can be controlled.
  2. Change your child’s diet, such as reducing high-fat foods, fast food, light snacks, sugar-rich drinks, various kinds of sweet snacks. Slowly replace eating patterns such as eating lots of vegetables, eating lean meat and replacing snacks with fresh fruit.
  3. Reduce processing food by frying. To prevent excessive fat consumption. The best way is to process food by boiling, broiling or steaming.
  4. Adjust eating habits like children are usually engrossed in eating in the tv room or playroom. This habit should be changed by providing rules for eating at the dinner table. this is to reduce the portion of food for children.
  5. Pay attention to children’s activities such as limiting the time a child stays silent for too long. Children should be invited to move when doing activities. If the child moves fat deposits will burn and can reduce obesity.

That’s a safe way to overcome obesity in children. Indeed, obese children often get into trouble. Like being bullied by friends and diseases that come on his body.…

Mosquito Nets Are Very Good For Health

To avoid the body from insect bites or mosquitoes in modern times such as today the majority of people use practical methods to counteract it such as using chemical repellents. This is actually not good for health, especially for the little one whose endurance is still vulnerable. Not good for our families who have a history of allergies.

Moreover, the rainy season as now, concerns about the threat of dengue continue to lurk. the thing to do is respond to cleanliness such as removing cans or objects that are flooded with water. This is done to avoid mosquito larvae, especially the mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti nesting species will be destroyed. Cleaning the water reservoir is also important.

But some people are lazy to do all of them for certain reasons and consider all things trivial. Even if the mosquito has bitten it will have fatal consequences on our body. A simple safe way and the best is to install mosquito nets in our room. This method may be a little old-fashioned but the benefits are extraordinary, especially for your little one at bedtime. This object is actually no stranger to society, it’s just that its use has begun to be abandoned because it is considered impractical.

Though thin net-like fabrics that are smooth and translucent textures are very effective against mosquito attacks. Another feature of mosquito nets is that they are environmentally friendly where mosquito nets leave no waste because they can be used for years.

Maybe mosquito nets were considered troublesome, because they had to be tied up on the bed and eventually became a nest of dust after days hanging in the room, but as time went by the mosquito nets were already modern, namely mosquito nets that had their own support frames. And if proper installation of modern mosquito nets not only prevents mosquitoes but also can prevent other insects such as cockroaches, flies, ants and other insects.

That’s the review of mosquito nets that can replace mosquito repellents that are safe for health. May we always be healthy.…

Good Communication Strengthens the Relationship of Parents and Children

Communication, in everyday life is very important to express the will, suggestion, or commandment to other people or people who are nearby. Whether it’s to family or other people. Correct communication will foster familiarity between us but vice versa if wrong communication will have a bad impact.

Poor or inappropriate communication is not good for relationships between parents and children. This often happens in our society because most parents do not understand the correct communication with their children. Especially if the child is less than 12 years old. This child will usually obey his own will and do not want to obey the orders of his parents. If this communication is not immediately corrected, the relationship between parents and children worsens. Communication that children don’t like is usually communication in the form of orders.

Of course, as parents, they will feel annoyed if their children do not want to obey their orders or hopes. The only way is to explain to the child why the choice is considered to be unpleasant, explain the consequences of ignoring the choice, what are the benefits for the child, and negotiate if the child feels that he has his own reasons for not meeting the expectations of the parents.

It is important for parents to reduce the ego and try to establish communication that does not force and does not hurt the child. Otherwise the situation will become increasingly difficult and even quarrels may not be avoided. When children feel that they are not being listened to, children tend to be defensive and take a stand opposite their parents. For the next he will stay away and close himself. Such conditions are far more difficult to repair than if parents are willing to communicate equally with children, put aside their egos, and appreciate what the child is saying.

Well, that’s the bad impact that occurs if communication between parents and children is not good. Keep in mind for parents that the original goal, which is to give the best for the child and it will not be achieved if the parent hurts the child with improper communication.…

Finger Food Recipes for Toddlers

Found a toddler who likes to hold objects or toys to put in his mouth, it would be good if the object or toy is replaced with finger food (food that can be held by children). In addition to the little one avoiding the bacteria contained in objects or toys with finger food given can train fine motor skills so that the child is accustomed to eating alone.

If you are still confused with processed finger food, here are some finger food recipes that are suitable for little ones that can be tried.
Red Rice Biscuits


  • 60 g of red rice flour
  • 65 g of butter, refrigerate
  • 65 g of peanuts, puree.
  • 1 egg take the white part only.

How to make:

  • Mix all ingredients using the five fingers, try not to hit the palm, because it will make the cake hard after cooking later.
  • Round, place it on a baking sheet and flat it.
  • Bake for about 20 minutes with a fire that is not too large (under medium).

Fruit Layer Cake


  • 35 g of rice flour
  • 35 g of sago flour
  • 150 ml of sweet orange juice
  • 5 tbsp of formula milk, dissolve it in 250 ml of warm water.
  • 125 ml of thick coconut milk, boil 5 tablespoons of cooking oil for spread.

How to make:

  • Mix the rice flour, sago flour, pour it with coconut milk and milk mixture, mix well until blended.
  • Divide the dough into 2 parts. Add 1 part with orange juice.
  • Prepare a 20-20 cm baking sheet, spread with cooking oil. Heat in a steamed pan.
  • Pour approximately 50 ml of white mixture, steam for 5 minutes until hardened.
  • The dough that has hardened rises with the mixture mixed with orange juice.
  • Do it alternately every time the previous layer hardens. Do it until the dough runs out. Steam for 30 minutes, lift.
  • Cut as big as an index finger.

Those are some finger food recipes for your little one. good luck…

Types of causes of obesity that must be avoided

Obesity is one of the many health problems experienced by modern society. Obesity occurs because of the buildup of fat in the body. Many factors that cause obesity include:

A diet with unbalanced nutrition. Without realizing it, modern society tends to consume more calories than needed. Every day excess calories will be deposited and become fat tissue. In addition to excess fat carbohydrates are also as bad as fat.

Inactivity such as the ease of life provided by the presence of modern technologies such as motor vehicles, computers, cellphones, internet, elevators, washing machines and remote control. It all makes us less active because there is less room for our physical movement. Even though we know that physical activity, especially walking, is one of the body’s natural functions that can prevent obesity. It is very difficult to avoid the presence of modern technology. But in order for a balanced life we ​​must be smart to use these technologies to make it easier for us to do sports, for example, treadmills, static bikes and aerobic gymnastics.

Conditions of lack of rest can cause ghrelin levels to increase. High hormones will increase appetite. Some people need a rest period of around 7-8 hours a day.

Pregnancy is one reason women are overweight. But this time obesity is indeed demanded so that the fetus can develop healthily. After giving birth if the body does not get special treatment, it will become overweight.

The cause of obesity that cannot be tackled is genetic factors. People who already have fat talents even though they eat a little remain just can’t be thin.

Habits from childhood to eat a lot by parents can bring a tendency when adults are overweight.

If the excess weight that is thought of in most people’s minds is how to reduce it instantly. Even though we know that there is no instant safe way to overcome obesity. The most recommended way to reduce weight is a combination of a healthy diet with a regular exercise program. Even though it’s not ideal to drop but just down a few kilograms, it can provide a lot of health benefits.

Hopefully we avoid obesity and always be healthy.…

Laughter is Important For Health

Laughter may be for some people only a form of expression of pleasure or joy, and does not have any effect on health.

Even though laughter has many benefits for us, one of them is for the health of the body.

Maybe you are wondering about the perception above, but according to some experts it turns out laughter can reduce stress, reduce sadness, stay young and still have many other benefits.

The other benefits are:

Reducing Blood Sugar

Laughing can actually affect the neuroendocrine system and accelerate glucose use by active muscles. From the study, it can be concluded that laughter can also reduce blood sugar in the body.

Streamlining Blood Circulation

This is because we laugh can widen the endothelium, which is the tissue that makes up the blood layer, so that circulation becomes smoother.
Improve the immune system in the body

Laughing saliva levels of immunoglobin A can increase. It is an antibody that can fight bacteria and infections in the body so that we are not susceptible to disease.

Relieving Pain

Laughter can also release endorphine hormones that can help create a sense of comfort and happiness, so that it can reduce or at least forget the pain caused by the disease.

Stimulating organs

When we laugh organs such as the heart, brain and lungs play an active role. Because of this role, it can create relaxation or calmness.

Reducing the risk of heart attack

Because circulation or blood circulation is smooth, and can improve the immune system, laughing can reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Memory in the brain increases

The supply of oxygen in sufficient quantities into the brain, so it can rejuvenate the cells contained in the brain.

Mood is better

Laughter can improve the mood, this is because laughing we can forget for a moment the problem. So that what was previously a bad mood can be a good mood.

Eliminating emotions

Our emotions will be well controlled, because we laugh with joy and joy.

That’s the benefit you can take from “just” just laugh.

Therefore it is recommended that you laugh often, to the extent that there is a term “laugh before laughing is prohibited”. May be useful.…